Monday 17/06/2019: Leek soup - Pork tenderloin with green beans and croquettes
Tuesday 18/06/2019: Cauliflower soup - Plaice fillet with stewed leek and boiled potatoes
Wednesday 19/06/2019: Vegetable soup - Gyros with vegetable rice
Thursday 20/06/2019: Zucchini soup - Turkey fillet Archiduc with fine vegetables and pommes noisette
Friday 21/06/2019: Paprika soup - Asparagus "Flemish style" with smoked salmon and new potatoes
Saturday 22/06/2019: Asparagus soup - Veal blanquette with mashed potatoes
Sunday 23/06/2019: Julienne soup - White pudding with boiled potatoes and tomato sauce