Monday 19/08/2019: Cauliflower Soup & Cutlet with Blackwell, boiled potato and princess beans.
Tuesday 20/08/2019: Leek soup & Salmon fillet with bearnaise, new potatoes and asparagus.
Wednesday 21/08/2019: Potato soup & Brochette with potato wedges and peaches.
Thursday 22/08/2019: Chicory soup & Breaded minced meat, young carrots and boiled potatoes.
Friday 23/08/2019: Fish soup & Fish stew with mashed potatoes.
Saturday 24/08/2019: Asparagus soup & Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, potato balls and cauliflower in cheese sauce.
Sunday 25/08/2019: Minestrone soup & Guinea fowl with stewed chicory, grape sauce and gratin potato.