Monday 09/12/2019: Tomato cream soup & Turkey "archiduc" with winter vegetables and potato croquettes.
Tuesday 10/12/2019: Potato Soup & Mashed potatoes in buttermilk with poached egg and grey shrimp.
Wednesday 11/12/2019: Fish soup & Breaded minced meat with peas, carrots and boiled potato.
Thursday 12/12/2019: Vegetable soup & Coq au vin with mashed potatoes.
Friday 13/12/2019: Celeriac soup & Mussels with fries.
Saturday 14/12/2019: Julienne soup & Beef tongue in Madeira sauce with mashed potatoes.
Sunday 15/12/2019: Onion Soup & Risotto with spinach, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and salmon.

Monday, 16/12/2019: Broccoli soup & Breaded minced Pork with leekstoemp and cheese sauce.
Tuesday 17/12/2019: Chicory soup & Fishstick with spinach and mashed potatoes.
Wednesday 18/12/2019: Thai soup & Lasagna Bolognaise.
Thursday 19/12/2019: Vegetable soup & Sweetbreads with carrots and potatoes.
Friday 20/12/2019: Chicken Soup & Trout with herb butter, baked potatoes and watercress.
Saturday 21/12/2019: Pumpkin Soup & Ribs with salad and fries.
Sunday 22/12/2019: Minestrone soup & Deer calf steak with chicory and almond croquettes.